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Theme: work

Spotted this beauty today. Had to grab a photo, so we “borrowed” someone’s driveway, and I got a few photos before anyone spotted me (yes, they were home). Anyhow this is the US Coast Guard Cutter Fir, based in Astoria, Oregon. Her nickname is “The Bar Tender”, and her motto is: No Bar Too Tough, Too Rough, Too Far. If interested, you can read more about her here. USCGC Fir is down in Yaquina Bay doing some work with NOAA on buoy’s.

Four shots: I like the first because of the wake. I like the second because I got a slightly better placement.

USCGC Fir – original with wake

USCGC Fir – topaz spicify

USCGC Fir – original second shot

USCGC Fir – second shot, topaz blackrose filter


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Topaz Tuesday – a twofer

I followed the “recipe” from here, adjusting the numbers a bit to suit my pictures. Both pictures below were taken in Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon. The bridge view was from the north side of the bay looking westward. The NOAA R/V was taken from the south side of the bay, looking north.

Bridge over Yaquina Bay – original

NOAA R/V McArthur II – original

NOAA R/V McArthur II – topaz


I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.—Blaise Pascal


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Topaz Tuesday: Wild Irises

Wild Irises, shot along a walking path at Yaquina Head Lighthouse. First the original. The after, along with steps taken, is below.



Topaz Adjust / Spicify & Topaz Simplify / BuzSim

The idea came from a Topaz Flicker group and I modified the steps. Here’s what I did:
1. Duplicated the background layer.
2. Topaz Adjust / Spicify set to default settings. Click okay/
3. In PS, layer opacity set to 65 or there abouts
4. Duplicated background layer, moved to top. Topaz Simplify / BuzSim set to default settings, accept/click okay.
5. Oval marquee tool, set feather to 20. Selected area with irises, select inverse.
6. Copied selected area to new layer (command-J on Mac), layer mode to darken.
7. I copied (command-J) the selected area to a new layer and set mode to darken.
8. Deleted “BuzSim” layer and flattened all the layers.


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Topaz Tuesday – theme: water


Topaz: simplify: crisp edge
(borrowed the theme from the 366’ers)

Taken just a few hundred feet north of Sea Lion caves between Yachats and Florence in Oregon. I was standing on the west side of Hwy 101 and shooting to the north and east across traffic and road. The mist is the foggy mist we had that day.


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Theme: Labor / Topaz Tuesday

Going back a few months to a sunny day here on the coast. This is R/V Bell M Shimada, one of the ships in the NOAA fleet that docs in Newport, OR. The crew of this vessel report for duty on a daily basis.

Topaz effects: B&W effects: opalotype effects


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Topaz Tuesday: Flower (theme)

Just a fun little photo of a wild flower my hubby picked for me. The flower is 1 inch in diameter, The pitcher is 1 3/4″ tall, and is from Austria, stamped “Jos. Bock WIEN-IV” on the bottom. All my hubby remembers is that his mom picked it up on a train trip his folks took through Austria.

The Topaz part:  I applied Star Effects, and from Adjust 5:

  • HDR grunge pop
  • soft focus
  • light vignette

The final finishing touch is using Mike’s tutorial on recessed borders (see, got the name right this time! HA!). Instead of doing it from scratch, I’ve learned to drag and drop from one photo to another in CS5 – it brings in all the special effects. Not sure if this can be done in PSE or not.


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