Fire Along the Sky by Sara Donati

Book #26
Fire Along the Sky
Donati, Sara

Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance
Pages: 688 (chunkster)
Book 4/6 in “Wilderness Saga”

I started this series in 2011, but I don’t remember how, why or who. Likely someone mentioned them on a book list, or a friend from the library said they were good reads. If the person who suggested this series to me is reading this: my thanks.

As with the last story in this series, this was a wonderful read with a good blending of history and the author’s imagination. There are rich characters that draw you in and make you wish you were part of this family—or at the very least, a close friend. There is suspense, danger, love, hatred—all the human emotions that make us who we are. My heart thrilled over the joyous news and events, and broke over the difficult.

My one dislike is the same as always, the intimacy is a bit much for me and I don’t think it advances the story, so I skip parts. If intimate scenes bother you and you can’t skip them, then skip this book. Otherwise, pick it up and dive in. It’s an enjoyable read for rainy weather.

Definitely recommend this series.

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