Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech

Book #20: Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech
Genre: Youth (8-12)
Pages: 310
Recommend with a caution (see below).

  • Will Sairy and Tiller adopt Dallas and Florida or return them to the Trepid’s?
  • Will Z find the understone hiding places?
  • Will the Trepids steal from Z?
  • Will the other kids at the Trepid’s home come to harm?
  • Will Dallas and Florida ever realize that they are worthwhile young people?

Very good, but not as good as Walk Two Moons by this author. Dallas and Florida are delightful characters who won my heart right from the start. My heart broke every time they felt that life was putrid and so were they. They were a breath of fresh air in the Trepid’s orphanage, yet they were treated in a horrid manner. Sairy and Tiller are kind, funny, warm and loving and reminded me of my grandparents, yet I wondered about two old folks who would “borrow” two young kids for the summer.

Foster parents and social workers are not portrayed well at all, and some may find that distasteful. Sadly, it reflects life. While there are many wonderful foster parents and social workers in the world, there are far too many who are evil or simply too lazy to do their job properly.

The ending was abrupt and I felt that far too many things were left unresolved, and I’m not sure how a young adult/teenager might react to the ending. As an adult, I can fill in a happy ending; but I know I would have been unsettled if I’d read this as a pre-teen, or even as a young teen. Still, it’s a well written book and the subject is thought provoking.

Recommend, but I think parents should read this and encourage a discussion about this subject matter.


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