Hidden Order by Brad Thor

Book #19: Hidden Order by Brad Thor
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 384
Don’t recommend

I am a huge fan of Brad Thor’s writing, and I went against my rule on maximum price cut-off and purchased the Kindle version at full price as I’d heard great things about this book. I was horribly disappointed in the story. Horrific murders and much too detailed for me, I wound up skipping vast sections of the story. This was not a ‘Scot Harvath’ political action thriller, this was a serial murder story where Harvath played a small role in the story. The murder plot was fairly transparent for someone who reads a lot of mysteries. I didn’t identify with the other main characters. I found the constant hormone raging references annoying and silly.

The location of Boston was unfortunate. I realize Thor started writing this long before the marathon bombing, and I understanding the reasoning behind Boston for the plot, so I’ll give him a pass on that; but the rest I can’t give him a pass on—so I can’t recommend this book; and that’s something I never thought I’d write.

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