I “cayn’t” stand it!

Somedays I think I “cayn’t“* stand much more of people’s incessant whining and belligerent attitudes. All over the web and in town today I heard people forcefully stating that Memorial Day is NOT about those who died in the service of this country, it’s about all the military—past, present and future. Others just as forcefully state that it’s only for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Yes, the original designation was for those who died in battle, and yes, Veteran’s Day is for those who served and survived, and yes, the US Armed Forces day (3rd Sat. in May) is when we honor all those who presently serve in the US military, and yes! we should always honor all our military men and women—but somehow I think those who paid the price for us to argue must be spinning in their graves. Seriously.

Is it really so important for YOU to be right with your opinion? Is there no longer room for other opinions? Is there no longer any consideration for other’s feelings? Can we no longer have civil discussions about differing points of view? What is wrong with this country?

Over the next few months in the US we will celebrate Flag Day (6/14) and Independence Day (7/4). Will we argue over the meaning of these holidays? Will we demand that OUR point of view is better than anyone else’s? Or will we fly our US flags, gather with family and friends and watch fireworks and be thankful in our hearts for the freedoms we have?

At the end of August and the first week of September we will hold the Republican and Democratic conventions to “choose” the candidates to run for President. From there on it rolls quickly into more election lies, trash-talk, mean spirited, back biting, mud slinging, name calling politics. We’ll attack the candidates and their supporters—and heaven help anyone who gets in the way of OUR opinion. Hopefully this country will survive until election day, and then it will be what? No matter who wins, I predict it will be ugly.

I’m not looking forward to any of this if those of us who do support our military men and women can’t even survive a day of remembrance without bickering over what it really means and who should be honored.

Those of you who pray, please join me in praying daily for this country. Regarding the election, while I’m asking God for a particular candidate to win, I’m also asking Him to guide the hearts and souls of all Americans to do what is right.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”—Psalms 33:12

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*If you don’t hear Jean Hagen as Lina Lamont in “Singin’ In The Rain, listen to this short clip:


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  1. . . . and I pray Wisconsin will heal after next Tuesday . . . even if my choice does not triumph.