30 Day Movie Meme – Day 6

Day 6 – Favorite Horror

I don’t watch the new horror films, much too gruesome for me; and the few “horror” flicks that I’ve watched give me the shivers.

After more than 40 years I still don’t like to shower when I’m home alone thanks to Psycho (and we won’t discuss how freaked I got when hubby was in hospital and I was staying in a guest house and the shower had a curtain similar to the one in … well, now I’ve got the creeps all over again!)

The Birds was good, and it still gives me the frights, but I think for all round it scares me and I love it – Arachnophobia is tops.

Dr. Ross Jennings: Come on, let’s go find that spider. And let’s find your mom to take care of that spider. Honey, we’re in the living room. We need you to kill a spider. 

No blood and gore, no slashings, no guns, nothing but normal folks living normals lives with normal spiders. Or so they think. And since I have a real fear of spiders, this movie is, according to Dr. Jennings, therapy. Yeah, right. I’m jumpier than ever after I watch, but watch it once a year is what I do. With the lights out. HA!

Dr. Ross Jennings: [after killing a spider] Therapy. 

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