Topaz Tuesday: Wild Irises

Wild Irises, shot along a walking path at Yaquina Head Lighthouse. First the original. The after, along with steps taken, is below.



Topaz Adjust / Spicify & Topaz Simplify / BuzSim

The idea came from a Topaz Flicker group and I modified the steps. Here’s what I did:
1. Duplicated the background layer.
2. Topaz Adjust / Spicify set to default settings. Click okay/
3. In PS, layer opacity set to 65 or there abouts
4. Duplicated background layer, moved to top. Topaz Simplify / BuzSim set to default settings, accept/click okay.
5. Oval marquee tool, set feather to 20. Selected area with irises, select inverse.
6. Copied selected area to new layer (command-J on Mac), layer mode to darken.
7. I copied (command-J) the selected area to a new layer and set mode to darken.
8. Deleted “BuzSim” layer and flattened all the layers.


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11 responses to “Topaz Tuesday: Wild Irises

  1. I really like the subtle difference with your topaz’ing /:>) I need to do more than watch tutorials…

  2. When Iris eyes are smiling……!

  3. thellino

    Very well done!

  4. Tammy

    Thanks for sharing your processing secrets…need to try that…I like how it deepened the colors and gave it such an artistic flare!

  5. Thanks for sharing the changes – we all learn something new 🙂
    Iris (sometimes wild)

  6. So nice of you to share your steps….really like Simplify.

  7. Nicely done…good result

  8. Good job, keeping workflow references is smart!

  9. Love the way the iris’ pop after the processing.