SOOC: Humor

Local man caught transporting dead snowman through town.
No arrests were made as the evidence melted.
License plate blacked out to protect the snowman’s family.


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9 responses to “SOOC: Humor

  1. Tammy

    It looks like he decapitated him too! 😦

    You crack me up…this reminds me of when the boys were around 13. I drove up our road and them and their friends made a huge snowman in our yard and put an ax in his hand and covered him in ketchup…needlas to say our neighbors w/ young kids were not happy (and neither was I)lol At least I can laugh now!

  2. I saw that in the movie “Jack Frost” I didn’t know that was a real life drama.

  3. lynn

    too funny and the poor snowmen /<(

  4. Great homour….but now I want to know why he has snowmen in his truck

  5. Tony

    Now this is great, absolutely great!

  6. LOL< LOL< LOL! You nailed it!

  7. LOL . . . maybe the snowman will be resurrected come December.