30 Day Book Meme – Day 22

Day 22: Favorite book you own

One of the problems I face with this meme is that I could answer so many of the questions by simply writing: see day 2, and this is one of those questions. Another problem is that I don’t own that many books as I seldom keep a book once I’ve read it, even if I loved the story. However, I can work through both of these problems with one book that I have held on to: “Passing on the Comfort, The War, The Quilts and the Women Who Made a Difference”, written by, and about, Lynn Kaplanian-Buller and An Keuning-Tichelaar.

This is one of those heart-warming, touching stories. You don’t have to be “into quilts” to read this book, because it’s not about quilting. It’s about human nature, love, hate, fear, joy, courage and how the past and present so often intertwine. It’s also a good reminder that the world is smaller than we realize and oft times the smallest thing we do, can bring comfort, joy or love to someone clear on the other side of this blue globe we all share.

As I read this book, I felt as though I’d sat down for coffee with these 2 charming ladies while they shared the story of their friendship that had grown from the discovery of one quilt.

As I wrote this I was reminded of this photo. It’s one of the few photos that miraculously survived our move several years ago. It’s the very first quilt I made, back in the early 1980’s. I was trying to get a good photo when my kitty, Tiners, came bounding in batting around a ball of paper (you can see it at the base of the dresser). She stopped, looked up and apparently decided she had to investigate to be sure there weren’t any critters hiding behind the quilt. Even if the pic is old and not such good quality, the memories are strong and fresh and precious.

Tiners inspects

Now that I think it over, I believe it’s time for me pull this book off the shelf and get reacquainted with An and Lynn. Why not join me?


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