30 Day Book Meme – Day 21

Day 21 – Favorite book from your childhood

When I was little, it was the Bobbsey Twin series. Every birthday and Christmas another one or two would be added to my collection. My mom covered them all in plastic dust covers. Dad put up a shelf unit for me and they all had a place. I read them over and over and over. As a young child, I inflicted my adoration of these books on any adult who came over and would sit and read to/with me. I don’t remember anyone complaining, instead they always sat and helped me learn to read the words and understand the stories. What a wonderful time I had as a kid.

Then I graduated to the Nancy Drew mystery series. I felt so grown up. Now I was reading about a teenage girl, and she solved mysteries. I adored these stories. Once again, more books would be added to my collection on my birthday and at Christmas. Sometimes I would be given an extra gift of a new book for no reason other than I was loved. Now that I was older, I helped my mom cover them with plastic dust covers, and then they’d go up on my 2nd shelf unit. They all had a place. I read this series over and over and over.

I can’t pick out one particular book in either series, nor can I say one series is more of a favorite than the other series. I treasured every one of these books, and now I treasure the memories of the books and the wonderful times.

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