Topaz Tuesday – theme: water


Topaz: simplify: crisp edge
(borrowed the theme from the 366’ers)

Taken just a few hundred feet north of Sea Lion caves between Yachats and Florence in Oregon. I was standing on the west side of Hwy 101 and shooting to the north and east across traffic and road. The mist is the foggy mist we had that day.



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11 responses to “Topaz Tuesday – theme: water

  1. Hope the drainage is good under that roadway!

  2. Beautiful, I love discoveries like this where you just have to stop and take a picture!

  3. I love the soft misty feeling of this photo.

  4. beautiful shot and I have been there to the SLCaves and Yachats…I used to live in BC in Victoria so we travelled a lot to or followed the Oregon coast

  5. Very nice capture in difficult conditions….

  6. Madelaine

    Love the mist and the glimpse of the waterfalls. Great job in composing too!

  7. Love the misty look of this waterfall scene.

  8. Tammy

    The mist really makes this beautiful waterfall scene very mysterious! Love this!

  9. I have never been to the north west but this image is exactly how I would imagine a foggy day!

  10. Love the picure. The mist, the waterfall. Well done

  11. You have captured well that foggy, misty look. I can find these images difficult to edit, unsure of how much is too much in terms of postprocessing….yours has a very natural quality…well done.