18: Theme: colors

Colorful citrus

Difficult to photograph, and I know my camera and I didn’t do justice to this luscious citrus. I tried 4 different settings:

  • Automatic (washed out)
  •  Fluorescent: warm-white fluorescent, cool-white fluorescent, warm-white-type (3-wavelength) fluorescent lighting (everything was super green)
  •  Fluorescent H: daylight fluorescent, daylight-type (3-wavelength) fluorescent lighting (washed out)
  • Tungsten (Tungsten, bulb-type (3-wavelength) fluorescent lighting (shown above)

The “Tungsten” setting is very close to the actual colors. Without a fancy camera, I’m guessing it’s a bit hard to photograph anything in a store; and if they switch to LED lighting during their remodel, it might be harder yet. Still, they didn’t object to my taking pics, so I give them extra points for that. The only thing I did to the photo was Topaz Simplify: crisp edge.



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12 responses to “18: Theme: colors

  1. Danudin

    When enlarged I would say you have done wonders with the colours for an inside shot!

  2. I agree with Ron, well done.

  3. Yes, well done, these are kind of pastel colors …

  4. I agree, when enlarged the color seems to match what I see in my market.

  5. I agree with all the previous comments….the colours are how I would imagine them…good work

  6. Perfect colors . . . I can almost taste the tangy sweet citrus.

  7. You may be judging yourself to harshly, I think the colors are realistic. Your composition is so good showing off the leading lines.

  8. lyur

    these look real real tp me too, neat photo

  9. Thanks for the encouraging comments. Maybe I should have bought some of the fruit? LOL

  10. The colours look great – variations on orange – and I like the lines and boxes within the image too.

  11. I like the patterns here, punctuated by that one sliced fruit.

  12. Tammy

    You did a great job of capturing the color you actually see in the store…it has to be enlarged to fully appreciate it!