30 Day Book Meme – Day 13

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Day 13 – Your favorite present day writer

I altered the original question a tad, because I simply don’t have one favorite writer—unless I said William Shakespeare, and we’ve already covered him. I actually find it hard to have “forever favorites”. My tastes change, circumstances change, availability of books change, and so my “favorite” writer changes. I do, however, have a present day writer that I think writes the best stuff I’ve ever read, and tomorrow I’ll discuss one of her books. For today, let me quickly introduce you to Kristina McMorris.

I became aware of Kristina when a friend recommended her book, Letters From Home. I immediately was impressed with Kristina’s writing style, her choice of subject, and the research she did in writing her book. After finishing Letters From Home, I posted a brief review on an email reading list and was pleasantly surprised to receive a note from Kristina thanking me for my kind words. This spoke volumes to me not only of her professionalism, but her heart. Kristina and I have emailed several times, and I’m excited to say that come June, I will have a chance to meet her in person as she comes to speak at a meeting of the Friends of the Library.

Kristina has now published a 2nd book, “Bridge of Scarlett Leaves”, and like her first novel this book is rich in all the good things I look for in a book. Because her books touch my heart, and because I have found her to be a genuinely decent human being, Kristina has become my favorite present day writer. Whatever she writes, I’ll be reading.

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