Theme: Nuisances

Spotted this delectable (!?!) nuisance while out for a drive the other day. We’d stopped so I could try to capture a shot of a waterfall (it’s coming in a post or so), and there was this beauty creeping along in all his (her?) gooey, slimy glory. They are most definitely a nuisance to the garden. This is SOOC:


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17 responses to “Theme: Nuisances

  1. Well captured, even a garden pest can make a good subject πŸ™‚

  2. Lynn Mortensen

    oh I know they are a nuisance but isn’t he/she an amazing creature, I love to watch them but I don’t appreciate them nibbling so I collect them and take them over to the riverside and the growth there along with the pesky snail families that keep moving in…great photo

  3. Danudin

    Has anybody seen my shell? I know I left it here some where, Common Guys don’t hide my shell I Feel Naked!

  4. ewww, I trod on a big slug the other night in the dark – not nice at all – I think it escaped unharmed in the grass, but it was probably traumatised as well…

  5. You might win in the nuisance category…..LOL!!!!!

  6. Eeeew . . . bottle caps filled with beer are set discreetly in my garden just for these fellows.

    • Last year they were so bad, I resorted to the pellets. They were destroying *everything*. This year they are munching down on my tulips, daffodils and irises. *growl*

  7. poor little nuisances, who doesn’t know them …

  8. Beer traps are the best solution….

  9. Tammy

    Slimy for sure! What a great find though….isn’t he supposed to have a shell??

  10. Hi Kim, thank you for the kind comments on my blog…I’ve just signed up to follow yours. I am not a fan of slugs so I definitely think you picked a good topic for the subject!

  11. It’s beggin’ for beer!