Topaz Tuesday – theme: Remember

I seem to like using Topaz on flowers. Not sure why. Maybe they just lend themselves well to certain filters. The orchid is a beautiful flower: showy, elegant, often fragrant; and for me they bring forth wonderful memories of my mom. Every birthday, mother’s day, special holiday – if dad gave mom a corsage, it was an orchid. So going to the an orchid show is special to me, as I remember how much my mom liked orchids. I thought these were stunning orchids, and while my photo doesn’t do them justice (not even with the Topaz filtering technique), I was still pleased with the final results.

Here is the tutorial, even though I didn’t have webbing on the photo, it is a wonderful way to “paint” a picture. Here’s the full pic:

Here’s a single orchid:



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8 responses to “Topaz Tuesday – theme: Remember

  1. Danudin

    Saw this earlier but couldn’t link to it, fancy flower for sure.

  2. Love the bottom one–it cuts out all the distractions and focuses all the attention on the colors and textures of the flower.

  3. Gorgeous flowers.
    Thanks for the link.

  4. Tammy

    Love the details topaz brought out…simply gorgeous!

  5. Wasn’t able to link to the tut but do like the way you were able to isolate the flower in the second. The flower itself looks like it has a wonderful painterly look applied.

  6. Great Work! Topaz makes it fun to extend our creativity.

  7. Beautiful flowers, indeed.

  8. I love Topaz and I think you do as well. So easy to work with and to use. Sure makes your flowers stand out.