30 Day Book Meme – Day 7

Day 07 – A book I’ve read that I think is underrated.

Lord Norimasa speaking to Lady Utsu in The Snow Fox by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer.

“These are terrible burdens to take on. They eat at the soul until a cobweb is all that remains.”

I was first attracted to this book because of it’s red spine. Seriously. I saw it on the bookshelf at the local B&N, and had to pick it up and look and hold. I read the inner flap and was captivated, but the price was too high for me, so I set it back on the shelf. Shortly afterwards, my husband gave me a guilt free shopping card for B&N, and one of the first books I purchased was The Snow Fox. My patience was rewarded with a wonderful story filled with love, mystery, loyalty, societal customs, and more – all wrapped in history and told in almost exhausting detail – a beautiful story and deserving of a read.

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