Theme: Yummy

I’m sure this was mom’s idea of “yummy”, but apparently not to a little one’s liking.



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8 responses to “Theme: Yummy

  1. Lynn Mortensen

    cute photo, and funny dialogue…he looks like he just toppled off the side of the road, a little robot in need of help, I like the lively colours against the sombre ones

  2. LOL! Mom probably had to backtrack to find the yummy for the tot 🙂

  3. Cute how you matched this up. Kids love to toss or drop to see if Mom takes notice.

  4. A very young “food critic”. I am sue there is a mom someplace wondering where the cup is! Nice shot

  5. Yummy or not, cute idea for the theme!

  6. Tammy

    lol So perfect and I loved you humor!

  7. Great find….very funny commentary

  8. Looks like my younger granddude may have been passing by…