30 Day Book Meme – Day 4

Day 04 – What is your favorite book from your favorite series?

Even though Stout published many Nero Wolfe books after The Silent Speaker (1946), this book remains my all time favorite.

Published just after the end of WWII, it is the first full length Nero Wolfe book written since Where There’s A Will (1940). The impact of the war shows in the elements of the story (shortages in housing, goods, government intervention in the consumer side of life, etc).

“A woman who is not a fool is dangerous.” ~ Nero Wolfe in The Silent Speaker

In The Silent Speaker we have multiple murders (one of which takes place right on Wolfe’s doorstep) Wolfe creating an interesting ‘situation’ in order to keep the police away from him, and he stays away from his beloved orchids for several days! Definitely not a run of the mill Nero Wolfe. Delightfully complex and filled with intrigue, it is my favorite Nero Wolfe story.

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