30 Day Book Meme – Day 3

Day 03 – What is your favorite series?

I’ve read loads of series over the years. The “Goldy” series from Diane Mott Davidson ranks high on my list, and I own all but one of them. I keep them for the recipes—which are almost always “killers”. Ha! The “Harry Potter” series is another favorite; as well as the much too short “Southern Sisters” series from the late Anne George; and for quirkiness I adore “The Spellmen” series from Lisa Lutz.

But my all time favorite series is the “Nero Wolfe” stories penned by Rex Stout.

I love every character, from the brilliant, but sometimes obnoxious, orchid loving Nero; to the sexy and physical Archie Goodwin; and the chef to beat all chefs, Fritz; and the gardener, Theo. Add in all the extra characters that show up on a regular basis, toss in some peculiar and wealthy clients, mix it with a murder or two, and you have the makings of a wonderful read. Sometimes I figure out the ending, most times not. It doesn’t matter. I read the “Nero Wolfe” series because every book is like a visit with friends—and that’s always time well spent.


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