February and we’re on a roll

February was not the best of months. The highlight was celebrating hubby’s birthday on Valentine’s day, but even that was a bit sad as we discovered that our favorite restaurant, run by 2 friends, had closed its doors. We knew it was likely to happen, but had hoped they could hold out until the summer tourist season. Then there was my fall down the garage stairs. Hello concrete! So thankful that I didn’t break any bones, my bruises are healing and the left arm and wrist are better every day. On the brighter side, I was appointed to the Library Trustee board (Yeah!), baked a killer cake for the guys, took a few (very few) pictures, and enjoyed time with friends. Before we get to reading, here’s a funny little picture that I took. I discovered that my camera has all the hidden settings, and I used the miniaturize setting for this:

February is easy to wrap up reading wise: the two books that I finished were disappointing, and they were sandwiched between 3 books that I didn’t finish.

DNF: “Scorpions for Breakfast: My Battle with Washington to Secure Our Country’s Border” by Jan Brewer. While the subject matter is important, and I agree with her stand, the book itself is poorly written and she desperately needed an editor.

  • Dates were loose: “Last June” – June what year please!
  • Way! Too! Many! Exclamation! Points!
  • Too many statistics without enough story.
  • At times it was rambling.

I made it through chapter 2, and simply couldn’t take any more. As much as I wanted to like the book – I didn’t; and my interest was quickly waning, so off to never-never land went the book.

Book #6: “Full Black” by Brad Thor
Started: 2/4/12
Finished: 2/14/12
Pages: 400
Format: Kindle
Genre: Political thriller
Rate: 2/5 – disappointing

Comments: 2/11: I’m at the half-way point. This book started out with a bang, and quickly sank into a right-wing survivalist story. Haven’t seen Harvath do anything but “think” for several chapters now. At 7 days, I should be almost finished with a thriller. The book finally did pick up pace, but it was too little, too late. Not Thor’s normal writing style. Disheartening, as he’s always been a top author for me.

DNF: “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. Most of my acquaintance with Jane Austen’s books comes from watching the A&E Jane Austen mini-series when it was rebroadcast a few years ago. Seriously. I did manage to pick up bits and pieces over the years, so I had an inkling of what “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility” were about; but I’ve never read any of her books that I remember. If they were required reading in school, then I read them and totally forgot every word of them.

The other evening, hubby pulled out our DVD of “P&P” (the 2005 version with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen), and we had a wonderful time revisiting the Bennet’s and friends. A few nights later we pulled out our copy of the A&E version (Colin Firth – yum), and after an hour I was falling asleep in my chair and hubby was yawning. While we found the A&E version is better in memory then in re-watch — it was surprising to see the differences between the 2 versions.

So … that’s what prompted me to start reading the book. I already had a version on my Kindle — a free version put out by “Public Domain Books” which I picked up based on price and reviews. At the end of chapter 1, I was surprised to find dialogue that was missing when compared to the DVD versions. Chapter 2 brought a few more changes. Hmmm … I popped over to the Kindle store and purchased the version put out by “MobileReference” and began reading.

Once again I found the end of Chapter 1 to be different — from the DVD version *AND* from the other Kindle book! I was totally puzzled, and that’s when I went to Project Gutenberg and downloaded their Kindle version.

It shows the end of chapter 1 as being a blend of both of the other books (!); and I gather that this version is the correct one — but how will I ever know? Too many missing pieces in this version, that version … and I don’t want to spend my life moving from one to the other … so I set this aside for a different time when the movies aren’t fresh in my mind. Just became too confusing. Then I moved on to a mystery filled with typo’s. LOL!

Book #7: “A Credible Threat” by Janet Dawson
Started: 2/19/12
Finished: 2/22/12
Pages: 261
Format: Kindle
Genre: mystery
Rate: 2/5 – disappointing

Comments: I thought books 4 & 5 in this series were bad, but this one doesn’t have much more to recommend it. I wound up skim reading the pc portions, and kept waiting for more than what was presented. The descriptions of our protagonist’s trip up to Mendocino were accurate and wonderful, but not what I want in a murder mystery. Again, we had far too much social commentary, and not enough mystery. A small example:

“ … and the wrong kind of people.” I wondered who Estelle Haskell deemed the wrong kind of people. Were they black, brown, poor, or simply not from Colorado?”

Now our protagonist knew very well that Estelle’s daughter had hung around with crooks, cheats, liars, etc, so why is her first thought along the lines of skin color, economic situation … ie: pc lingo? The pc theme is carried throughout the book, and totally overshadowed the mystery. All non-liberal leaning folks are painted as venom spewing, hate mongering bigots and potential pipe bomb tossers. Nuts. Just because a person doesn’t agree with a liberal philosophy and stands up for their beliefs, doesn’t mean they are vile people. I don’t consider every pro-abortionist as a vile person. I’m really sick of this type of mentality, and I’m tired of being preached at in mysteries and non-political books. Even though I own the whole series on my Kindle, I’m not sure I’ll finish reading the books.

DNF: “Dreams of Joy” by Lisa See. Dropped at 25%. “Dreams of Joy” is the sequel to “Shanghai Girls”, and as much as I loved “Shanghai Girls”, this book was a huge disappointment. I felt as though I was reading a political indoctrination for Communist China. Be Red or Be Dead? I skipped to the last few pages, saw the ending and that was that. Huge disappointment.

Here’s to better books and better days in March!

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  1. The only book I didn’t really favor in February still wasn’t very bad, so I feel fortunate! I, too, hope March’s reading is enjoyable. 🙂