Mailboxes in Bayshore—Waldport, Oregon

Living in Bayshore is definitely living in isolation. At the time we rented there, we had 4 full time neighbors in a 2 block area—and only 1 couple was friendly enough to smile and wave. Come weekends and/or holidays and all the houses filled up with either vacationers, or the owners traveled over from wherever they lived. They’d usually arrive, and depart, in the dark of night, hardly making a sound. We’d just get up in the morning and find we had neighbors, or find they had vanished. They seldom smiled or waved. It was almost as though they were figments on my imagination. It was eerie in it’s own way.

I did like walking around in Bayshore where the roads were all paved, there were hills of varying degrees, and there was little auto traffic. In 7 months of walking I only saw another human being maybe 6 times. I revealed in the sound of the ocean, the sound of the birds, and the total peace of enjoying God’s creation.

Still, I craved interaction with other human beings. It’s hard to drop into a town, totally unknown, and become a part of the community. It’s even harder when you are living in a temporary home. Once we moved into our own home, we quickly made friends with all our neighbors; plus we were becoming active in community projects and making friends. Now wherever we go in town, we see friendly faces. Folks smile, say hello, ask how we are, and we smile, wave back and ask how they are.

We no longer live in isolation.

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WP just gave me this quote, too funny:

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.— Steven Wright



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