the extremely happy joyous occasion …

the extremely happy joyous occasion upon I decided to write this

with apologies to Samuel Beckett …

It was a night like any other when I came up with this brainy idea to once again torture the world through a blog. It may be that no one will ever read this, and that’s fine – because it’s something I want to do for me. Speaking of me, who am I?

  • I’m a wife (37+ years and he still loves me!), a niece, a cousin, and an aunt.
  • I’m a cancer SURVIVOR!
  • I’m a Q-Tip (and if you don’t know what the means you probably aren’t one! LOL!)
  • I’m a sewer of simple quilts.
  • I’m a picture taker, but not a photographer.
  • I’m a baker of cakes, and always on the lookout for new cake recipes.
  • I’m a reader of books (and I’ve been known to get so involved in my book that dinner is either late or burned).
  • I’m a lover of plants, but not a grower of plants.
  • I like a clean house, but I hate cleaning the house.
  • I have a dry sense of humor that has become drier thanks to my husband’s influence.
  • I’m tired of planning menus and cooking and wish I had a “cook”.
  • I’m a firm believer in keeping certain discussions behind closed doors.

Location, location, location:

Grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, moved to the bay area of CA, got married and moved to a HOT area of NorCal where the windshield wipers on my car promptly melted to the window – but I did learn to grow cacti. Then came retirement—blessed retirement—and the freedom to go do what we wanted. So we sold our house, packed a few things and are now enjoying life on the central coast of Oregon where the weather is moderate and wonderful.

And In Conclusion:

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’ll come back again.

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