Topaz Tuesday: Flower (theme)

Just a fun little photo of a wild flower my hubby picked for me. The flower is 1 inch in diameter, The pitcher is 1 3/4″ tall, and is from Austria, stamped “Jos. Bock WIEN-IV” on the bottom. All my hubby remembers is that his mom picked it up on a train trip his folks took through Austria.

The Topaz part:  I applied Star Effects, and from Adjust 5:

  • HDR grunge pop
  • soft focus
  • light vignette

The final finishing touch is using Mike’s tutorial on recessed borders (see, got the name right this time! HA!). Instead of doing it from scratch, I’ve learned to drag and drop from one photo to another in CS5 – it brings in all the special effects. Not sure if this can be done in PSE or not.


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8 responses to “Topaz Tuesday: Flower (theme)

  1. Nice shot,,,the more I see the more I think Adjust5 would be a good purchase

  2. Fun? Fun? A flower comes into your house, steals your milk right from the milk jar and you call it fun, I’d call the smelly police.

  3. Mike

    Thanks for the shout out and I love the border….. Adjust 5 is a fantastic product and in fact I used it on my shot of the Sandy Hook Lighthouse which I will post shortly.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your star effect….so subtle that I had to go looking for them! Also, the link for the recessed frame. I’ll try it sometime.

  5. I like the whimsy the star effect brought to this image.

  6. Tammy

    I am loving the softness and lighting in this image…nice!

  7. Hi Kim,
    Beautiful! Love the close up, lets you see the whole thing and the frame sets it all off. Have a great day!