Theme: Warnings

Living on the central coast of Oregon has its own challenges, especially in the winter. Those hurricane force winds and rain brought power outages, downed trees, houses buried in sand (and maybe never to be seen again due to the cost of digging out!). It also brought sink holes in major roads and mud slides all over the place. This one was at the base of our hill and to the north a bit (we aren’t in danger, thankfully). Now, I could have shared this photo with you, oh, a week ago when I took it – but that would have required a brain, and apparently I lost mine in the rain. See, I had the camera with me when we went to this wonderful poetry reading. I planned on taking pictures. Instead, as I ran a few pre-event errands, I tucked my camera in the glove box for safety and then forgot where I’d stashed it. So there it remained until last night. Duh! Anyhow, for your viewing pleasure … the warning for the mud slide:


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11 responses to “Theme: Warnings

  1. Glad you pulled through ok Kim.

  2. The west coast has taken a few bad weather hits recently. Good theme fulfillment! Glad you weren’t in danger 🙂

  3. Gets the message across

  4. Isn’t Oregon where all the great new Pinot Noir wine comes from? How do the vineyards cope with this type of weather

  5. The warning sign can not be missed. Nice composition.

  6. looks like the kind of weather to stay home and drink hot chocolate… This certainly fits the theme well.

  7. The weather certainly has been…impressive, shall we say. The orange of the signs and cones does catch one’s eye–as it was intended to do.

  8. Hi Kim,
    We have been having a weird winter here. It’s suppose to be up to 60 today! In January, we are usually way below zero and snow. The orange sign and cones should make everyone look before venturing any further. Have a great day!


  9. Glad to hear you weren’t in any danger, but be a bit scary having it that close though.

  10. Tammy

    OMG you crack me up…that sounds like something I would do! 🙂 Love how those warning colors take over the image…you can’t miss them!