Theme: Mother-Nature

Borrowing a theme word from the 366’ers list. 😉

Took a walk this morning and spotted these pretty leaves amidst the tangled mess of “Mother-Nature’s” summer discards. They brightened up a dreary, cold walk. (Where is the promised dusting of snow? Where is our rain?)

Once home, I brewed a fresh cup of coffee and sat down to play with photoshop and my Topaz filters. My excuse was that I’d had to reinstall my Topaz stuff and wanted to be sure all was working correctly. HA! The one looks faded and wistful, the other looks as though the leaves are trapped under a thin layer of cracked ice. Or maybe I just need more coffee.



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11 responses to “Theme: Mother-Nature

  1. Great processing…Really brings the red leaves out….is it Topaz Adjust you used….I’ve been considering it and would like to know what people think of it

    • Steve, the first one was done mainly with B&W Effects, and the second was done with Topaz Adjust. I *love* Topaz Adjust – it has so many cool features that are way beyond my meager skills. In your hands, it would be putty. I think you can get a 30-day free trial. Plus they run specials all the time.

  2. I like the top one most but Hey! Too much Coffee is never enough!

  3. Glad you had a coffee and played! Great selective color and Iced look is it Cartoon(?)
    I just had to re-install the bundle also and I so understand the investigative play to verify all is well, lol.

  4. Nicely done!! It’s always fun to play around with filters!!

  5. I love both ‘takes’ on this touch of winter with shades of fall still showing. Totally believeable story about the Topaz re-install… I’d do just the same in your shoes.

  6. Tammy

    Love how the color stands out against the monotones…fun how you showed some different techniques of the topaz filters!

  7. That’s an interesting effect that both softens and highlights the leaf and its surroundings.

  8. Mother Nature is a great artist, love your images!

  9. I like your processing on both, especially the bottom that does look to be under ice. Much nicer to get ice in a plug-in I think.