V-A. C-A. TION!*

It was a beautiful day here yesterday, temps in the 50’s, clear skies, sunshine – definitely not winter. Overhead flew this beauty. Spotted this plane and I’m sure it was flying folks off for a beautiful vacation somewhere exotic. It was a challenge to push my little “point and click” camera. Not the grandest photo, but I’m pleased to be learning some of the hidden features of this camera.

*For those who want a trip down memory lane, or who’ve never heard Connie Francis sing this song:


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12 responses to “V-A. C-A. TION!*

  1. Thats a good capture…I like the diagonal line of the plume,,,,and a great interpretation of the theme

  2. Those keading lines say vacation to me too.

  3. Tammy

    Wish I were on that plane for a tropical destination! 🙂 Your song brought me back to being a kid when my mom use to turn up her record player as loud as it would go and play Connie lol She was a real rocker! 🙂

  4. Hi!
    Your picture is good, at least you can tell it’s a plane. Loved the video. Brought back lots of memories. Have a great day


  5. regularman

    Good eye Kim! And the song is a long standing favorite!

  6. Love the way you framed this image! It screams take me away!

  7. She featured in the NY Times crossword puzzle in the last day or two. Love the framing on the photo–it pumps up the feeling of speed.

  8. Or maybe “Leaving on a jet plane”? Nice shot and I love your frame!

  9. Love the picture, because it shows a little bit of your “dry humor”

  10. I love the angle and the frame. I just hope that song doesn’t become an earworm!

  11. I always wonder where the people are off to when a jet flies overhead too. Vacation sounds good but I’m sure many are bored business travelers, or people off to a funeral or other non-fun traveling. I haven’t flown for probably 20 years so haven’t had to deal with all the frustrations of plane travel since 9/11.